Tink is on the “smaller” side for a Great Dane and an English Mastiff. I wonder if the Neapolitan Mastiff side is showing itself here because they are, relatively speaking, somewhat smaller weight-wise:

  • 8 weeks: 19.8 lbs.
  • 9 weeks: 22.3 lbs.
  • 10 weeks: 24.9 lbs.

And smaller here means that Tink is on track to be 120 - 140 lbs.

Of course, at 10 weeks he just may not have had that growth spurt yet. From what I’ve read the size calculators for giant breeds become way more accurate based on the 14 week weight.

Whatever the case, Tink’s heart toward us has grown considerably. He’a been with us for two weeks. Over the last few days his affection level has gone way way up. He’s feeling safe and an accepted member of the pack. He was always good natured and friendly but now he curls up on laps, runs to greet us, and tries to nurse from our fingers.