Twitter has started paying creators like Andrew Tate and the Krassenstein brothers for generating ad revenue

Among those in Twitter’s payout pool was Andrew Tate, who tweeted that he received $20,379 under the new program…. The former pro kickboxer, who once tweeted that women should “bare [sic] some responsibility” for being raped…."

The other things Andrew Tate said in the messages are truly horrific. It is long past time I deleted the bird account and I’m ashamed this is what it took. I still have actual friends there but the majority of them are now also on Mastodon, Threads, and a few on Bluesky. Threads and Bluesky are also owned and/or funded by extremely problematic billionaires. Mastodon is currently the least worst option.

If you are staying on Twitter, I understand. I don’t make my living on Twitter and I don’t have family that is on Twitter only. I’m in a place where I can leave it and it will have little to no impact on my life.