Leslie Camacho

The Last of Us pt. 2 broke me. What an incredible story. I don’t think any game/media has given me such a unique perspective on conflict, of making “the other” so human.

3/4 through and Babel by R. F. Kuang 📚is living up to the hype and then some. Holy smokes this is a ride, especially for my biracial self.

Currently reading: Babel by R. F. Kuang 📚

Thoroughly enjoyed The Poppy War trilogy and excited to dig into Babel.

The Last of Us episode three is one of the most beautiful & powerful episodes I’ve ever seen of any show ever.

Duolingo is actually improving my Spanish skills. One of my 2023 goals is to have casual, friendly conversations in Spanish.

Celebrating all the things with Laura

Finally. Thank you WotC for taking this seriously.

for One D&D, we are presenting a replacement for the term “race.” That new term is “species.” Moving On From ‘Race’ in One D&D - Posts - D&D Beyond

Me: Do you know what a floppy disk is?

9yr old: Looks up from iPad A kind of pancake?

Conversation inspired by We Spoke with the Last Person in the Floppy Disk Business

Learning about and then practicing meditation has been life changing.

image with Leslie Camacho's mindfulness stats from the Ten Percent Happier app. 1000 sessions. 11585 minutes. Current streak is 9 weeks.

Reading Thich Nhat Hanh for the first time. The opening paragraphs of You Are Here changed how I see myself. I had to stop and just let the tears flow. 📚

Laura and I had a such a fun evening playing Rhino Hero and Menara with our friends Merv and Lauren. We had a blast trying to build things together!

Laura looking at the roof she must build next for Rhino Hero, a stacking game. She is playing in a dining room. The stack is high and sobblomg already. Laura successfully adding a structure card to a high, wobbly Rhino Hero tower! Lauren delicately places a structure card to the Rhino Hero tower. The card tower is so high it is about to hit the hanging lamp. Merv attempting to add a structure card to Rhino tower so high its level with the hanging lamp above the table. Merv adds a yellow pillar to our Menara game board tower. Our Menara game tower. It is made of colorful, curvy cardboard pieces. Colorful pillars are stacked on the cardboard to build floors until the tower collapes or we win (it is a coop game). Merv careful places the final floor cardboard piece on the Menara tower. We won!

When you leave your car door open at a farm you risk attack by vicious beasts!

Dropped two wonderful humans off at the Stray Kids concert and now grabbing a few quiets moments for myself before exploring Seattle for a few hours.

Okay @browsercompany Arc has my attention. The easy with which I can take notes, create collections, & use spaces for work/life feels like legit improvements over any other browser I’ve tried (bonus points for the command bar). /@@motherfuton

Screenshoot of the Arc internet browser by The Browser Company. It shows a sidebar, a notes vertical screen, and a browser window together.

First family ride of the summer!

Glacier National Park… Near sunset by Patrick Rhone is a call to adventure if there ever was one. It is an absolutely stunning photo. Patrick was kind enough to make the full-res version available for download if you’d like to use it for wall paper too.

Galcier National Park Near sunset by Patrick Rhone. Wide angle photo  of a dock lined with colorful boats going out to the lake with green hills and snowcapped mountain range in the background.

RIP Alex Technoblade. So long and thanks for all the Minecraft Fish.

RIP Alex Technoblade. My kids loved your Minecraft stuff & cried when they heard the news. You inspired them to create their own stuff, to build, to play, to explore, and to adventure together during difficult times. You are loved and missed. www.youtube.com/watch & #fuckcancer

Bend Pride Celebration

Watched my son give a speech at a student led gun-violence protest today. So proud. So angry.

Finished reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 📚

Currently reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 📚

I’m about 3/4 through & it is thought provoking though I find myself cautious about it’s hard lean into individualism. It’s interesting to contrast it with Why Buddhism is True.

My wife Laura sent me flowers for speaking at my aunt’s funeral (miss you Ludim) and kicking butt at work. Love you with all my heart @mrscamacho!

Cortado from Steamer in Denver.

Seems appropriate.

Tink turned 11 weeks old on Saturday (2020-10-17). He weighs 31.3 pounds, making this the week he’s gained the most so far. My eldest, Seb, managed to capture the “old soul” that resides in this 11-week-old body.

Portrait shot of 11 week old black daniff puppy named Tink. Photo taken by Seb Camacho.